Fire Damage Photo Gallery

roof wood rafters and house framing

Fire Damage Repair In Chicago Ridge Area

A three-story condominium in the Chicago Ridge area experienced significant fire damage. Our team was able to save some of the trusses and other framing members that were slightingly charred by the fire. Our specialists lightly sanded and applied sealant to prevent odors, but they are structurally sound. We will work quickly to restore this property to pre-damage condition.

living room with fire damaged items covering the floor

Fire Damaging Lightning Strike in South Chicago City

Ed Kowalski, our Business Development Manager at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City, received the call for emergency fire damage cleanup after a lightning strike to this residential property on the South Side. Our skilled team arrived within the hour, almost as fast as the lightning strike, to start the process to relieve the stress and worry in our customers. We make them feel "Like it never even happened." Rely on us for 24/7 help.

burned and soot covered drywall and insulation falling from an attic

Fire in a Mount Greenwood Attic

The electrical short burnt stored items and damaged building materials in the attic. The hanging debris was cleaned up by our crew before we could continue with the fire damage restoration service. Odor control was a critical factor in our work.

two firefighters spraying a fire from a burn box demonstration

Chicago Area Burn Box Demonstration

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City recently hosted a Fire Damage Continuing Education Course. We invited clients, insurance agents, adjusters and other industry professionals in the Chicago area to our 3rd annual ’Side By Side’ burn demonstration. We utilized Burn Boxes to show attendees how quickly the fire spreads without sprinklers and how fast the sprinklers can help put out the fire. We also demonstrated a vehicle fire. SERVPRO has specialized fire damage cleanup and restoration training and experience to quickly restore your home or business to pre-fire condition.

bedroom with burned and soot covering the walls and fire damaged debris on the floor

Fire Damage Chicago Originated in Bedroom Wall

This Chicago fire damage originated in the electrical wiring of a bedroom and spread throughout the home. Damage was considerable to both the structure and the contents. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is equipped to tackle projects like this from start to finish. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency at (773) 337-3900.

kitchen with white cabinets and a tan floor

Fire Damage – Chicago Kitchen

Fire damage had destroyed this Chicago kitchen. It required a complete demolition and reconstruction. Smoke and soot residue were cleaned up and treated before reconstruction. Don’t let fire damage keep you out of your home. Call the fire and water damage experts at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City 24/7 at (773) 337-3900.

living room with white stone fireplace and grey furniture

Fire Damage - Chicago Home

Fire damage had left this Chicago living room marred with soot and smoke damage. The usual pungent odor of fire also lingered. With modern cleaning materials and equipment coupled with well-researched procedures, this living room was made better than new. If fire damage becomes an unwanted visitor in your home, call the fire and water damage experts at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City 24/7 at (773) 337-3900.

kitchen covered with burned debris

Fire Damage – South Side Chicago Home

Fire Damage on the first floor from a candle burning unattended in the kitchen left this disaster in its wake. The primary damage to the rest of the home was heavy smoke damage. This project required SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City to rebuild of the kitchen. 

stairs covered in soot damage and debris

Fire Damaged Stairwell

A fire caused damage to this Downtown Chicago building in the stairwell. Dry-sponge cleaning of the soot prepared the walls for repainting. The house was completely cleaned and deodorized.  Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City for help.